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PHP guestbook script

PHP guestbook scriptDo i need PHP for a PHP Guestbook?
You don't need php support on your hosting provider to use our PHP guestbook. Your guestbook will be hosted at our servers, together with thousands of other guestbooks. This has the advantage that you don't need any technical knowledge to create a PHP guestbook script.

Just register, and in 5 minutes your guestbook is up and running. The big advantage of letting us host your guestbook, is that we have an high-tech anti spam service to keep al the spam away. When you would host a PHP guestbook by yourself you will lose the spam war.

When you sign up, you will immediatly receive an URL to your guestbook. Our guestbook has way more features than the average PHP guestbook on the internet. We support over 50 languages, 3 smiley packages, Bulletin Board Code, Anti Spam technology with the latest "Captcha" software, and best of all..

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