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If you want to make your own guestbook, there are two ways of doing it.

Guestbook tutorial: The easy way
If you just want a nice guestbook for your website, with a lot of options. If you have more time like 2 weeks, maybe you should try the hard way:

Guestbook tutorial: The hard way
If you want to program your own guestbook, you have to learn HTML, the basic in wich every website is made. To create dynamic webpages, you need to learn a programming language like PHP, and how to combine it with a database like MySQL. This is definitly not easy, but if you finally fully control it, it is a lot of fun, and the options for your guestbook will be endless. So in short you need three things to host your own PHP Guestbook:

A webhost that supports PHP and MySQL
There are a lost of Hosting companies to choose from. If you have a tiny website, nowadays cheap hosting is most of the times good enough.

Learn PHP
The most widely used scripting language to create a guestbook with is PHP. You can find everything you need to know about PHP on the PHP website. There is even a Tutorial for beginners.

learn MySQL
All the messages wich will be put in the guestbook, must be saved in MySQL. This is easier than you would think. You only have to learn how to insert a message, how to update a message, how to delete a message, and how get the data from mysql into your HPP script, so you can show it on a website. A great tutorial is on the MySQL website: Mysql Tutorial.

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